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Welcome to be our partener

Welcome to be our partener

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What is the joining policy of BFD electric bicycle agents, and some important points for beginners to open a store!

To start an electric bicycle shop, you first need to find a reliable franchise brand. Among the many electric bicycle brands, BFD electric bicycle has a good reputation. So, what is the BFD electric bicycle agent franchise policy?

What is the franchise policy of BFD electric bicycle agents?

1. Brand Policy

Franchise stores have the right to use the BFD electric bicycle brand, and have the right to use the BFD electric bicycle product name, trademark, etc. within the scope of the contract. At the same time, franchised stores can obtain the assistance of site selection, market research, opening planning, procurement and distribution, and operational guidance from special personnel from the headquarters.


2. Delivery and advertising policy

BFD Electric Bicycle Headquarters has an efficient logistics and distribution center. Safe and fast services keep franchise stores at the forefront of the local market forever, allowing franchisees to grasp business opportunities at the first time. At the same time, there are senior marketing planning experts in the headquarters to carry out the whole advertising planning.


3. Training and opening policy

BFD Electric Bicycle Headquarters provides theoretical and practical training and follow-up related training. In the early stage of opening, the headquarters will arrange excellent dispatched supervisors to franchise stores to assist in arranging opening activities and professionally guide the business process.


A few major precautions for newbies to open a store


1. Pay attention to your actual situation

Many people think that they can open a store, but in fact, the professional threshold for opening a store is very high. Before opening a store, it will involve business planning and market positioning, site selection, decoration, certification, etc. After the store is opened, you also need to understand technology, store operations, promotion and team management.


2. Pay attention to the actual needs of customers

Inevitably, there is a profit gap between different models of electric bicycles. But ignoring the needs of customers for the sake of high performance is tantamount to killing the chicken and picking the egg. Regardless of whether the customer understands the business or not, this blatant act of supremacy of interests cannot win consumers or make long-term transactions.


3. Be honest in everything

In the face of increasingly fierce business competition, entrepreneurs must check themselves to see if they are already trapped in the quagmire of price wars, selling inferior cars to consumers, and their reputation will be lower and lower if there are problems with their products. Only when there is emotional trust with consumers can sales have the driving force.


With the improvement of living standards, when people buy electric bicycles, they will undoubtedly consider more about the brand of electric bicycles. If you start a business and open a store, without a reliable brand supporting, it is very difficult to do a good job in business.